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Title Author Year Publication type
PCB-Less Integration of a Robust Wireless MEMS Tactile Package Dillon Acker-James; Kristofer S.J. Pister 2023 Master's Thesis
Bit Rate-Adapting Resoswitch Qiutong Jin; Kevin H. Zheng; Clark T.-C. Nguyen 2022 Conference Paper (Proceedings)
Frequency Compensated Crystal-Free 802.15.4 Wireless Radio Alex Moreno; Kristofer S.J. Pister 2022 Conference Paper (Proceedings)
Low Voltage AC Electroluminescence in Silicon MOS Capacitors I K M Reaz Rahman; Shiekh Zia Uddin; Hyungjin Kim; Naoki Higashitarumizu; Ali Javey 2022 Journal Article
Bit Rate-Adapting Resoswitch Qiutong Jin 2022 Research Review Presentations
Highly Multicolored Light-Emitting Arrays for Spectral Sensing Vivian Wang 2022 Research Review Presentations
Robust Crystal-Free Oscillators and the Invisible Keyboard Alex Moreno 2022 Research Review Presentations
Untethered Insect-Scale Flying Robots Fanping Sui 2022 Research Review Presentations
Mixed-Dye ZIF-8-Based Colorimetric Carbon Dioxide Sensing for Robust Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Adrian K. Davey 2022 Research Review Presentations
Phonon-Protected Superconducting Qubit Mutasem Odeh 2022 Research Review Presentations
Microlens Input/Output Couplers for Silicon Photonic Chips Jianheng Luo 2022 Research Review Presentations
BPN735: Walking Silicon Microrobots Alexander Alvara 2022 BSAC Project Materials (Current)
BPN988: Low Voltage AC Electroluminescence in Silicon MOS Capacitors (New Project) I K M Reaz Rahman 2022 BSAC Project Materials (Current)
Deep Learning for Non-Parameterized MEMS Structural Design Ruiqi Guo; Fanping Sui; Wei Yue; Sedat Pala; Kunying Li; Renxiao Xu; Liwei Lin 2022 Journal Article
BPN987: Single-chip µV Precision ADC for SCµM-V (New Project) Yu-Chi Lin; Daniel Lovell 2022 BSAC Project Materials (Current)
BPN920: Robust, Multimodal Sweat Sensors with High-Throughput Fabrication Noelle Davis; Ashwin Aggarwal; Manik Dautta; Luis Fernando; Ayala Cardona 2022 BSAC Project Materials (Current)
BPN915: Control of Microrobots with Reinforcement Learning Yichen Liu; Eric Chu 2022 BSAC Project Materials (Current)
BPN751: Large-Scale Silicon Photonic MEMS Switch with Sub-Microsecond Response Time Johannes Henriksson; Jianheng Luo 2022 BSAC Project Materials (Current)
BPN803: Single Chip Mote Alex Moreno; Titan Yuan; Austin Patel; Abanob Bostouros; Lydia Lee 2022 BSAC Project Materials (Current)
BPN961: Scalable Photonic Integrated Circuits for Trapped Ion Quantum Computers Daniel Klawson; Chun-Yuan Fan; Rohan Kumar 2022 BSAC Project Materials (Current)
BPN951: Berkeley Low-cost Interplanetary Solar Sail (BLISS) Alexander Alvara; Lydia Lee 2022 BSAC Project Materials (Current)
BPN859: High Frequency Oscillator Characterization Kevin H. Zheng; QianYi Xie; Xintian Liu; Kieran Peleaux 2022 BSAC Project Materials (Current)
BPN953: Long-Term Drift of MEMS-Based Oscillators Xintian Liu; Kevin H. Zheng; QianYi Xie 2022 BSAC Project Materials (Current)
BPN970: Rotary Inchworm Motor for Underwater Microrobot Propulsion Mauricio J. Bustamante 2022 BSAC Project Materials (Current)
BPN955: Nanostructured Plasmonic Biosensor Kamyar Behrouzi 2022 BSAC Project Materials (Current)

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