BPN987: Single-chip µV Precision ADC for SCµM-V


We are developing a millimeter-square low-power wireless ADC capable of detecting and transmitting microvolt-level signals. This ADC offers potential for high-precision measurements in various domains, including biomedical, automotive, and IoT. The immediate objective of this project is to design a concurrent TMS-EEG-MRI system – a temporal and spatial imaging method that may unveil the intricacies of brain circuits. The high-precision ADC enables acquisition of EEG signals down to 10µV, while the wireless communication remains robust to heating and disturbance issues induced by MRI. So far, we have built a crystal-free Single-Chip Micro Mote (SCµM-3C) with a standard compliant BLE and 802.15.4 mesh communication radio in BSAC project BPN803. We have integrated SCµM-3C with an off-the-shelf ADC (ADS1299) via serial peripheral interface (SPI), and we demonstrated that SCµM-3C can acquire and transmit signals from ADS1299 via radio. Recently, we taped out a delta-sigma ADC with custom analog front-end and DSP circuitry as part of the next SCµM generation, SCµM-V. SCµM-V was fabricated in the Intel 16 FinFET Process, and is expected to consolidate our target features onto a single chip.

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February 21, 2024
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BSAC Project Materials (Current)
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