Yichen Liu

Job title: 
Graduate Student Researcher
Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Professor Kristofer S.J. Pister (Advisor)
Ph.D. 2027 (Anticipated)
  • First-year Ph.D. student in EECS at UC Berkeley
  • Concentration in MEMS
  • The current project on locomotion controller design on micro-walker through reinforcement learning
Research interests: 
  • MEMs Actuator Design
  • Microfabrication
  • Robotic control 
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Robotics
  • Tiny ML
Full CV: 

Projects & Publications

Yichen Liu; Zhongyu Li; Kesava Viswanadha; Rushil Desai; Xiangzong Song
BSAC Project Materials (Current), 2023