Visiting Industrial Fellow Program

Program Summary

In order to further the technology transfer goals of BSAC, a Visiting Industrial Fellow (VIF) program has been established. Under this program, Industrial Members of BSAC may, with the sponsorship of one of the faculty Directors, co-locate a professional technical employee on campus, in facilities consistent with the research goals of the VIF. During their annually renewable appointment, the VIF will conduct research and participate in BSAC, College of Engineering, and campus activities. The VIF, with the support of the Sponsoring Faculty Director (SFD), may participate in a new research project or may join appropriate existing research teams or projects of the SFD. The VIF may alternatively participate in a separately sponsored research project of the Industrial Member. Such separately sponsored Industrial Member research projects may pre-exist or may be defined and funded after a period of, and as a result of, VIF on-campus assignment. The VIF will execute a University Patent Acknowledgment that defines the treatment of inventions.

The Industrial Member will provide funding (typically $70,000 to $155,000 annually, depending on department and faculty requirements) to the Department of the Sponsoring Faculty Director, during which time the Industrial Member must remain a BSAC member and the VIF must remain a paid employee of the Industrial Member. The VIF appointment fee will be distributed between the Sponsoring Faculty Director and the Engineering Department in whose facilities the VIF office space and administrative support is provided.


  • Access on a regular basis to the Sponsoring Faculty Director who shall act as the campus sponsor and the VIF research advisor.
  • Desk/shared office space for a professional resident Visiting Industrial Fellow.
  • Administrative support, telephone, and computer network access including remote access which shall continue for one year following the VIF appointment, provided the sponsoring Industrial Member remains in BSAC.
  • Assistance with necessary Exchange Visitor (J-1 visa) applications (J-2 if family accompanies the VIF).
  • Participation as a regular member of a research team on an existing research project or (optionally) on a directed research project sponsored under a separate contract by the Industrial Member company.
  • Access, at additional costs but at student recharge rates, and without the normal additional Microlab Affiliate fees, to the Berkeley Nanolab facilities for research and development.
  • Participation by the VIF in departmental seminars and colloquia.
  • Participation, by prior arrangement and with the approval of affected faculty, in internal BSAC research meetings of any regular BSACresearch team including those of other BSAC or affiliated faculty Directors.
  • Auditing of any departmental course of the sponsoring department (subject to space and Instructor’s permission).
  • Annual research review meeting with the Sponsoring Faculty Director on campus or at the facilities of the Industrial Member (with reimbursement of travel expenses).


  • Candidate VIF secures permission from their Industrial Member sponsor (employer) to discuss prospective research goals with BSAC faculty directors.
  • BSAC faculty discusses research goals with prospective VIF and agrees to serve as Sponsoring Faculty Director.
  • Industrial Member company provides to BSAC a Letter requesting the VIF appointment and acknowledging the VIF fees, BSAC membership requirement, payment of VIF salary and living expenses during the appointment, and (optional) reimbursement of Microlab recharge fees (if any). Include C-V of the VIF with this letter.
  • VIF signs the University “Visiting Scholar and Postdoc Affairs” (VSPA) Application for Visiting Scholar Appointment.
  • For foreign applicants, VIF provides data such as passport image, accompanying family data, and proof of employment.
  • University initiates a Request for Form DS-2019 for J-1 Exchange Visitor on behalf of VIF.
  • DS-2019 for J-1 Exchange Visitor is issued to VIF, who secures J-1 Visa from their local US Embassy.
  • VIF reports to and is welcomed by BSAC/Sponsoring Faculty Director; completes the arrival process, (Visits VSPA office, gets Cal ID card, Library account, computer account, and office assignment).
  • University/Department/BSAC issues VIF fee invoice to Industrial Member organization and (optional) reimbursement request for annual anticipated NanoLab recharge fees (as may be required once VIF research project is agreed).

Direct VIF program inquiries to the BSAC Executive Director: