Lukasz Komza

Job title: 
Graduate Student Researcher
Professor Alp Sipahigil (Advisor)
Ph.D. 2026 (Anticipated)

Lukasz Komza is a Physics PhD student at the University of California, Berkeley. He started working with Alp Sipahigil in the Quantum Devices Group in 2021 on the characterization and integration of silicon qubits in photonics. Prior to starting his PhD, Lukasz interned at Bell Labs in Murray Hill, NJ, working with Michael Eggleston on optical coherence tomography. He studied quantum light sources in 2D materials with Stefan Strauf during his undergraduate education, where he received the Alfred M. Mayer prize.

Research interests: 

Quantum Devices
Silicon Qubits

Quantum Devices Group


Projects & Publications

Lukasz Komza; Xueyue (Sherry) Zhang; Hanbin Song; Niccolo Fiaschi; Yiyang Zhi; Yu-Lung Tang
BSAC Project Materials (Current), 2024
Hanbin Song; Xueyue (Sherry) Zhang; Lukasz Komza; Yu-Lung Tang; Yiyang Zhi
BSAC Project Materials (Current), 2024
Lukasz Komza; Yu-Lung Tang; Hanbin Song; Zihuai Zhang
BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive), 2023
Lukasz Komza; Polnop Samutpraphoot; Mutasem Odeh; Yu-Lung Tang; Milena Mathew; Jiu Chang; Hanbin Song; Myung-Ki Kim; Yihuang Xiong; Geoffroy Hautier; Alp Sipahigil
Journal Article, 2022
Lukasz Komza
Research Review Presentations, 2022
Polnop Samutpraphoot; Lukasz Komza; Mutasem Odeh; Milena Mathew; Myung-Ki Kim
BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive), 2022