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BSAC Conference Room

BSAC Fall 2020 Conference
September 21 – 24, Zoom

BSAC Industrial Members are invited to attend the BSAC Fall 2020 Research Review & IAB Meeting hosted remotely via Zoom.
Register now and mark your calendar!

Registration open to: BSAC Industrial Members

BSAC Poster Session


Daily Schedule

A more complete agenda is here

Monday – Wednesday
13:00 PT        Oral Presentations
14:00 PT        Research Overview (45 sec pitches) 
14:30 PT        Poster Session
16:00 PT        Adjourn

13:00 PT        Closed IAB Meeting

Zoom Account Required to Attend
To attend, registrants must have a Zoom account created using their member organizational email address.  Don’t have a Zoom account? Create one now for free.


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