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BPN539: Micromechanically-Enhanced Magnetoresistive Sensors Gerardo Jaramillo; Andre Guedes 2012 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN540: Temperature-Stable Micromechanical Resonators and Filters Alper Ozgurluk 2017 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN541: High-Voltage MEMS Resonators Brian Pepin 2010 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN542: New Materials for MEMS Resonators Robert Schneider 2012 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN543: Modular Biomolecular Signal Amplification for Colorimetric Point-of-Care Diagnostics Richard H. Henrikson; John R. Waldeisen 2013 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN544: HEaTS: Piezoelectric Energy Harvesters for Harsh Environments Matilda Yun-Ju Lai 2013 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN545: Brain Machine Interfaces for Insect Flight Control Amol Jadhav 2011 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN546: Fully-Integrated Cell Phone Reference Oscillator Thura Lin Naing 2010 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN547: Eagle-Beak Nanoantenna as Dual Electric Field and Thermal Gradient Generator for Single Molecule SERS SoonGweon Hong; Eric P. Lee; Brendan W. Turner 2011 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN548: Selective Amplification of Raman Scatterings using Optical Nano-Antennas Asif Riaz; Young-Geun Park; Eric P. Lee; SoonGweon Hong; Yeonho Choi 2010 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN549: Laser-Based Synthesis of Nanostructures Richard Winslow 2011 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN551: Large, Ordered 3D Nanocup Arrays for Plasmonic Applications Joanne Lo 2010 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN552: Light-Actuated Digital Microfluidics (Optoelectrowetting) Jodi Loo 2020 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN553: Interactive Materials for Biofabrication Daniel J. Cohen 2010 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN554: TiO2 Nanoswords for Clean Energy Applications Heather C. Chiamori 2012 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN555: Power Transfer Over a Capacitive Interface Mitchell H. Kline; Igor I. Izyumin 2012 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN556: NiO-Based LED Fabrication Xiaobo Zhang; Kuniharu Takei 2010 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN557: MEMS-Based Biological Platform for Cell-to-Cell Interaction Characterization Jiyoung Chang 2010 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN558: 16-Channel IEEE802.15.4 Packet Sniffer Boyang Zhang; Thomas Watteyne 2010 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN559: Interfacing Smart Phones with Low Power Wireless Devices Nahir Sarmicanic; Thomas Watteyne 2010 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN560: Video Over Wireless Sensor Networks: From Camera to Smartphone Fabien Chraim; Thomas Watteyne 2010 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN561: Sensors and Capability Modeling for Palm-Sized Flying Robots Anita Flynn 2010 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN562: AC Energy Scavenging for Smart Grid Sensing Son Duy Nguyen; Richard Xu; Chris Sherman 2014 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN563: LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) with MEMS Erwin K. Lau 2010 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
BPN564: HEaTS: Harsh Environment MEMS for Downhole Geothermal Monitoring Sarah Wodin-Schwartz 2013 BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)

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