BPN543: Modular Biomolecular Signal Amplification for Colorimetric Point-of-Care Diagnostics


Predictive and preventive diagnostics promise to dramatically improve targeted patient healthcare while vastly reducing systemic costs. However, patients in remote and resource-poor settings have significantly reduced access to valuable diagnostics. We are integrating nucleic acid based molecular recognition elements into microfluidic devices to achieve quantitative measures of a range of biomarkers without the need for external equipment. We have further designed an opto- biochemical signal amplification component for downstream readout. We aim to reduce assay cost, time- to-answer, and sensitivity to environmental limitations, leading to effective diagnostics for resource-poor settings.

Project end date: 09/09/13

Richard H. Henrikson
John R. Waldeisen
Publication date: 
August 14, 2013
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