BPN551: Large, Ordered 3D Nanocup Arrays for Plasmonic Applications


Here we present a novel method for fabricating large, ordered arrays of 3D nanocups for plasmonic applications. Previously, it has been demonstrated that nanocups provide a unique method for bending scattered light by creating “magnetic plasmon” responses in optical frequencies. However, creating large, ordered arrays of nanocups has remained a significant challenge. We constructed a large (0.5 cm X 1.0 cm), ordered array of nanocups via nanoimprint lithography (NIL), soft lithography, and shadow evaporation. This methodology enables high control over the shapes and optical properties of asymmetric nanocups, and may facilitates the applications of nanocups in superlenses, optical nanocircuits, and cloaking devices.

Project end date: 08/10/10

Publication date: 
February 17, 2010
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