BPN547: Eagle-Beak Nanoantenna as Dual Electric Field and Thermal Gradient Generator for Single Molecule SERS


A nanoantenna, upon absorbing incident light, emits focused electric and thermal fields. Our proposed 'eagle-beak' nanoantenna generates strongly amplified electric fields (hot-spots) at its tip and along its edges. Also it is designed to utilize the two field gradients for preconcentration of target molecules around the hot-spots. Previously we demonstrated non-blinking single-molecule SERS with conventional Raman molecules with excellent enhancement factor of 10^14. Here, we expand its applications to Raman polarization studies as well as biomolecular detection (i.e. amyloid beta protein). Based on the examples, well-designed eagle-beak nanoantenna can provide clues to understand physcis of surface-enhanced Raman scattering, and expand its applications to various molecular sensing mechanism.

Project end date: 02/01/12

Eric P. Lee
Brendan W. Turner
Publication date: 
August 17, 2011
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