BPN549: Laser-Based Synthesis of Nanostructures


Current methods of growing nanostructures use bulk fabrication processes. Examining new methods to focus where and how these structures are synthesized will allow more complex devices to be made. Lasers can act as an energy source that locally heats material. By concentrating lasers on specific thin films during processing, nanostructures can be grown over small areas with greater precision. This process will also provide a means to grow very different structures within close proximity to each other. Finally, the amount of heat transferred to the films can be fine-tuned with the power output of the laser and focusing the beam without having to make major adjustments to the overall manufacturing process. This will provide greater control over the geometry and quality of the grown structures.

Project end date: 08/19/11

Richard Winslow
Publication date: 
February 1, 2011
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