BPN860: Laser Printed Carbide-Graphene for Paper Electronics


Paper electronics have attracted researchers’ attention in recent years for its potential advantage of disposability, foldability, low density and low cost. In our previous studies, we have shown a drastically different approach by a direct-write laser patterning process on paper to realize various basic device applications, such as a foldable triboelectricity generator and a folded supercapacitor as the potential paper-based power source for paper electronics, a wireless humidity sensor, and a heavy metal ion detector as working components. Here, we expand the application to dual-directional strain sensor and an ultra-sensitive acoustic sensor. Innovative claims are: proposing and utilizing (1) a plane microstructure which realizes the ability to detect and distinguishing dual-directional strain (2) a vertical microstructure which realizing the acoustic detection with high sensitivity; and (3) achieving customizability for different design purpose, environmental stability and easy disposability with a simple fabrication method.

Project end date: 01/26/20

Publication date: 
August 10, 2019
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