Liwei Lin (Advisor)

Research Advised by Professor Liwei Lin

BSAC's Best: Spring 2023 Awards Announced

April 20, 2023

BSAC would like to thank all of the researchers who presented their research during BSAC's Spring 2023 Research Review on April 19th.

BSAC Industrial Members voted for the outstanding paper and presentations and the results are in. Please join BSAC in congratulating the recipients of the Spring 2023 Best of BSAC honors, Peisheng He, Daniel Klawson, and Kevin Zheng!

Peisheng He (Liwei Lin Group), Best of BSAC S2023 ...

Safe and Deformable Soft Batteries

Peisheng He
Spring 2023 BSAC Research Review Presentation View Slides View this Presentation at 55:40

Winner: Best Oral Presentation (Spring 2023) Project: BPN993 - Liwei Lin Group

BPN993: Safe and Deformable Soft Batteries (New Project)

Peisheng He
Jongha Park

Safe and deformable soft batteries are desirable for modern products that call for good safety features such as cell phones and good conformability to be embedded onto irregular surfaces in electronics systems. Current Li-ion batteries on the commercial market are rigidly packaged and hermetically sealed to prevent: 1) the intrusion of moistures which degrade performances; and 2) the leakage of toxic and flammable electrolytes due to mechanical damages. On the other hand, various deformable/stretchable batteries have been reported in research articles and they have shown good...

JongHa Park

Graduate Student Researcher
Mechanical Engineering
Professor Liwei Lin (Advisor)
Ph.D. 2026 (Anticipated)

BPN992: Sensing and Actuation Applications Using Lithium Niobate PMUTs (New Project)

Wei Yue
Hanxiao Liu
Yande Peng

Sensing, actuation and imaging applications based on ultrasounds could expand to many applications by means of miniaturization and low power consumption via MEMS fabrication technologies. Piezoelectric micromachined ultrasound transducers (PMUTs) with thin film designs have emerged as key commercial products but current state-of-art PMUTs are limited by the acoustic power/pressure for applications within a limited range by using AlN as the piezoelectrical material due to its process compatibility with microelectronics. One BSAC industrial member has developed a process to make PMUT...

Ryuichi Arakawa

Visiting Industry Fellow
NGK Spark Plug
Professor Liwei Lin (Advisor)

BPN962: Insect-Scale Flying Robots

Fanping Sui
Kamyar Behrouzi
Wei Yue

Insect-scale untethered flight with maneuverability is very challenging toward possible practical applications and attitude-stabilized flight (hovering) is one of the first steps for long-time air flight operations. In this project, we introduce the insect-scale, untethered, rotating-wing aerial vehicles with inherent stability by the gyroscopic effect to achieve several key advancements: (1) powered by alternating magnetic fields wirelessly; (2) 160-mg in weight and 20.0-mm-in-diameter in size – smallest untethered flying robot in the world; and (3) attitude-stabilized flights (...

BPN955: Nanoplasmonic Biosensing

Kamyar Behrouzi

We developed three different sensors:

1- Gold nanoparticle based colorimetric COVID sensor;
2- Coffee ring based COVID and Cancer biosensor;
3- Exceptional point (EP) metasurface and integrated photonics circuit sensor (currently under investigation)

These sensors cover wide range of applications, from at-home rapid tests to extremely sensitive clinical diagnosis.

So far we achieved femtomolar sensitivities and we hope to achieve attomolar level using the last method.

Project currently funded by: Other

BPN941: Ultrasound-Induced Haptic Interface

Fan Xia
Wei Yue

The next big thing, AR/VR, requires an immersive Human Machine Interface (HMI) in addition to visual and sound stimuli. Although skin is the biggest organ in the human body, very few efforts compared to visual and auditory senses have been done to develop a “sense of touch”. The mechanical stimulus to generate the touch sense by the embedded mechanoreceptors in the skin at different depths has been created in many ways as vibratory actuators, microneedles, etc. In this project, we are investigating to create haptic interface via radiation force generated by piezoelectric...

BPN940: Self-Healing Materials for Sensing and Energy Harvesting Applications

Peisheng He
Zihan Wang

Animal skins often possess both functions of sensing and actuating to detect external stimulations and change shapes when needed, respectively. Furthermore, many animals, such as jellyfish and leptocephalus (eel larvae) have tissues that are transparent and ultra-stretchable, which are difficult to build in synthetic sensors and actuators. Moreover, all these living skins have self-healing properties, i.e. to restore their critical functions after being damaged. On the contrary, artificial electronic systems are often brittle and non-transparent. As such, biomimetic, skin-like materials...