BPN992: Sensing and Actuation Applications Using Lithium Niobate PMUTs


Sensing, actuation and imaging applications based on ultrasounds could expand to many applications by means of miniaturization and low power consumption via MEMS fabrication technologies. Piezoelectric micromachined ultrasound transducers (PMUTs) with thin film designs have emerged as key commercial products but current state-of-art PMUTs are limited by the acoustic power/pressure for applications within a limited range by using AlN as the piezoelectrical material due to its process compatibility with microelectronics. One BSAC industrial member has developed a process to make PMUT devices based on Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3), which has better piezoelectric properties than those of AlN. In this project, we aim to collaborate with our industrial member to demonstrate the sensing and actuating applications by using LN-pMUT and optimize the design and modeling technologies for arrayed LN-pMUTs. Two application examples have been selected: (1) mid-air space imaging applications; and (2) mid-air haptics for human-machine interfaces.

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Publication date: 
February 7, 2024
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BSAC Project Materials (Current)
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