A High Seebeck Coeffiecient Thermoelectric Generator Based on a Self-Healing Ionogel


In this work, we report a thermoelectric energy harvester based on an ion-conductive ionogel withthree distinctive features as compared with the state-of-art systems: (1) selfhealable in both thematerial and device operations under large deformations; (2) ultrahigh Seebeck coefficient withthe measured value of 7068 μV/K for the material, and 298 μV/K for a prototype energy harvesterin operations; and (3) stable performances under large bending states with little changes. As such,this energy harvester could find potential applications by further packaging and design inwearable devices to convert the temperature differences between human body/skin andenvironment to electricity.

Publication date: 
January 9, 2022
Publication type: 
Conference Paper (Proceedings)
Yu Long, Peisheng He, Yande Peng, Liwei Lin, "A High Seebeck CoeffiecientThermoelectric Generator Based on a Self-Healing Ionogel" Proceedings of the 35thIEEE Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Conference, Virtual, Jan. 2022.

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