Trial-and-Error Learning for MEMS Structural Design Enabled by Deep Reinforcement Learning


We present a systematic MEMS structural design approach via a “trial-and-error” learning process by using the deep reinforcement learning framework. This scheme incorporates the feedbackfrom each “trial” to obtain sophisticated strategies for MEMS design optimizations. Disk-shaped resonators are selected as case studies and three remarkable advancements have been realized:1) accurate overall performance predictions (97.9%) via supervised learning models; 2) efficientMEMS structural optimizations to guarantee targeted structural properties with an excellent generation accuracy of 97.7%; and 3) superior design explorations to achieve one order of magnitude performance enhancement than the training dataset. As such, the proposed scheme could facilitate a wide spectrum of MEMS applications with this data-driven inverse design methodology.

Publication date: 
January 19, 2023
Publication type: 
Conference Paper (Proceedings)
Fanping Sui, Wei Yue, Ziqi Zhang, Ruiqi Guo, and Liwei Lin, "Trial-and-Error Learning for MEMS Structural Design Enabled by Deep Reinforcement Learning" Proceedings of the 36th IEEE Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Conference, Jan. 2023.

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