Ruiqi Guo

Job title: 
Mechanical Engineering
Professor Liwei Lin (Advisor)
Ph.D. 2022

At present, Ruiqi is a Ph.D.student in Liwei Lin Lab. In 2019, Ruiqi earned his Masters degree in Advanced Energy Technology at UC Berkeley.

Dissertation Title: Machine Learning for MEMS Structure Design and Pulse Signal Analysis

Research interests: 

Ruiqi is passionate about researching artificial intelligence-enhanced sensor systems. In BPN877, he is using the combination of pattern recognition and machine learning algorisms to emulate Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis. His academic interests are the Internet of Things, Energy, Microelectronics, and Data Mining.


Projects & Publications

Fanping Sui; Wei Yue; Ziqi Zhang; Ruiqi Guo; Liwei Lin
Conference Paper (Proceedings), 2023
Ruiqi Guo; Fanping Sui; Wei Yue; Sedat Pala; Kunying Li; Renxiao Xu; Liwei Lin
Journal Article, 2022
Ruiqi Guo
Research Review Presentations, 2022
Ruiqi Guo
BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive), 2022
Kunying Li; Ruiqi Guo; Fanping Sui; Liwei Lin
Conference Paper (Proceedings), 2022
Fanping Sui; Wei Yue; Ruiqi Guo; Kamyar Behrouzi; Liwei Lin
Conference Paper (Proceedings), 2021
Fanping Sui; Ruiqi Guo; Wei Yue; Kamyar Behrouzi; Liwei Lin
Conference Paper (Proceedings), 2021
Ruiqi Guo; Renxiao Xu; Zekai Wang; Fanping Sui; Liwei Lin
Conference Paper (Proceedings), 2021