MEMS Design via Automated Synthesis, Extraction, and Simulation


System level computer aided design (CAD) tools for micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) have been developed based on VLSI CAD techniques. This CAD package includes parameterized synthesis, extraction, and simulation tools. These tools are being integrated into the ASIC design tools developed at Tanner Research. New additions have been made to the design library including the device components of a gap closing actuator. The simulation results for a gap closing actuator with a single beam support closely matched experimental data. A framework for expanding the design library has also been implemented. This added feature will provide unlimited possibilities for MEMS design and verification. By using these high level system design tools in conjunction with commercially available fabrication processes, MEMS designers will be able to bring their ideas to life with much less effort and time. The work presented here is built entirely on Tanner Tools. A demo disk is available from Tanner Research.

Publication date: 
May 31, 1996
Publication type: 
Master's Thesis
Lee, H. J. (1996). MEMS Design Via Automated Synthesis, Extraction, and Simulation. (n.p.): University of California, Los Angeles.

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