DL16: Simulation of Micro-Fluidic Laser Heating Utilizing CFDRC


With the recent rapid advancements in computer technology, increasingly complex and powerful simulation programs are being developed that allow engineers and scientists in a variety of disciplines to develop extremely sophisticated and detailed models which simulate phenomena that might otherwise be difficult or impossible to verify experimentally or analytically. One specific application of this new technology is in the area of computerized fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations. CFD simulations can be utilized in a myriad of situations, such as modeling jet turbines, or determining platelet flow in blood vessels, or even detailed MEMS structures. The goal of this project is to utilize the potential of CFD modeling by applying it to a micro-fluidic laser heat transfer model.

Project end date: 08/14/03

David Mun
Publication date: 
August 14, 2003
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