BPN996: Reconfigurable Photonic Crystal Cavity Array (New Project)


Photonics resonator arrays have been shown as building blocks in various aspects such as information processing, sensing, metamaterials, nonlinear optics, and optomechanics. Photonics crystal cavities are especially useful in quantum computation to Purcell enhance the optical emission rate of quantum emitters, owing to their high-quality factor and small mode volume. However, due to fabrication disorder, post-fabrication tuning methods are required and limit the controllability of photonic crystal cavities. In this project, we will address this challenge by designing a bus waveguide that evanescently couples to a photonic crystal cavity array with resonant frequency reconfigurability. The method introduces nitrogen gas tuning followed by cavity-enhanced gas sublimation using a sub-bandgap laser that is on resonance with cavities. This resonant selectivity allows us to address individual cavities in the array with minimum cross-talk, thus enabling us to program the resonant wavelengths within pico-meters precision. This study will pave the way toward large-scale resonators network with multiple cavity-enhanced quantum emitters.

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August 21, 2023
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