BPN966: Cryogenic Fiber Packaging for Silicon Quantum Photonics


Leading photonic quantum computing and communication systems operate at cryogenic temperatures and involve optical setups that require high-resolution imaging and fine alignment. These requirements limit the scalability of quantum computing and communication platforms based on quantum emitters in silicon photonics. In this project, we will develop fiber packaging solutions for silicon photonic devices that are compatible with cryogenic operation, exploring techniques running from edge coupling with ultra-high numerical aperture fibers to grating couplers. We will benchmark their performances, from structural integrity to coupling efficiency, through thermal cycling between cryogenic and room temperatures. This platform will enable practical implementations of silicon photonic quantum processors, electro-optic quantum transducers, and cryogenic microwave photonics for scalable control of superconducting quantum computers.

Publication date: 
August 23, 2021
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BSAC Project Materials (Current)
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