BPN944: Wearable Sweat Sensors for Nutrients Monitoring


Nutrients are essential parts of our lives for normal growth and development of body functions. An average person’s intake of nutrients per day is not enough to sustain body needs and thrive the development. To achieve optimal nutrient balance for development, especially in children, it is important to keep track of nutrients level in our body. Sweat, which contains many chemicals including vitamins and amino acids, is an attractive biofluid for routine non- invasive assessment of nutrients level. In this work, we developed a wearable sensor that can accurately provide nutrient concentrations in biofluids. We studied the sensor performance and its reliability in detecting analytes concentration in biofluids. We also explored the effect of nutrient intake on sweat profile, along with urine, by monitoring changes of biofluid concentrations upon varying amount of nutrient intake. Our results showed that sweat nutrient profile closely tracked behaviors found in blood. This suggests that sweat may serve as a promising alternative for tracking nutrients regularly.

Project end date: 08/14/20

Jiangqi Zhao
Publication date: 
January 27, 2020
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