BPN744: Self-Destructing Silicon


Funded under the DARPA Vanishing Programmable Resources (VaPR) program, this project explores the fundamental issues associated with making wireless sensor nodes disappear after achieving an objective. The MEMS Hammer is a micromachined device capable of storing mechanical energy and delivering that energy to a target. It has been used to fracture other microfabricated structures made of silicon and silicon dioxide. The MEMS Hammer is capable of storing a wide range of energies with the upper limit exceeding 10uJ. These devices have been characterized to determine the tradeoffs among energy stored, total stroke, and layout area. The MEMS Hammer is being developed for a variety of applications ranging from creating a self- destructing mote to creating jumping microrobots. A ratcheting system is being developed using electrostatic motors to create a fully automatic self-destruction system.

Project end date: 01/29/18

Publication date: 
August 14, 2017
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