BPN556: NiO-Based LED Fabrication


NiO is a p-type semiconductor material with band gap about 3.7 eV. It has been fabricated in the form of film by several methods, including electrodeposition[1], pulse laser deposition[2], and ion beam assisted e-beam evaporation[3]. Its applications have been limited to Nickel-ion battery, catalysts and rechargeable batteries. Very little interest and effort was put in its photoelectric applications such as light emission diodes which is primarily due to the poor quality of NiO made by the previously mentioned methods[4]. Here we are to utilize heterostructures made by p-type NiO nanowire arrays and n-type II-VI compounds to make high efficiency and low cost LEDs. By using this material system we hope we can shed some light on developing a simple and cost-effective method to make blue color LEDs.

Project end date: 08/04/10

Publication date: 
February 8, 2010
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