APP63: Sickle-Cell Anemia Event Detection Sensor


The objective of this project is to design, fabricate and test a micro-flow channel that can be used to accurately simulate, detect, analyze and predict the rheological properties of Sickle Cells flowing through arteriole bifurcations of various diameters and lengths. One property of interest is the effect blood osmolarity variations has on Hb SS red cell compliance, as well as, the variation of hematocrit levels. Ultimately, this data and the trends extrapolated from it will be used to understand the differences between healthy and Sickle blood flow in arterioles. As well as, provide information that can help elucidate some precursors of vascular occlusion in sickle cell anemic individuals. This research may also have potential applications to other hemoglobinopathies.

Project end date: 02/07/05

Jennifer S. Wade
Publication date: 
September 10, 2004
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