BSAC's Best: Spring 2019 Winners Announced

March 8, 2019

BSAC would like to thank the 107 researchers who presented their research during BSAC's Spring 2019 Research Review, March 6-8.

40+ attending industrial members from 28 member organizations voted for the best presentations and posters, resulting in Best Paper and Best Poster awards.

Ali Darvishian

Best Paper

Dr. Ali DarvishianAdvisor: Prof. Bernhard E. Boser 

Extremely High-Performance Miniaturized Gyroscopes to Navigate Without GPS [BPN910]

Takeshi Hayasaka

Best Presenter

Takeshi HayasakaAdvisor: Prof. Liwei Lin 

Multi-Dimensional Gas Sensing Patterns of Graphene FETs [BPN772]

David Gardner

Best Poster

David Gardner, Xiang GaoAdvisor(s): Profs. R. Maboudian, A. Javey, C. Carraro 

Metal-Organic Frameworks: A Highly Tunable Class of Materials for Chemical Sensing with High Selectivity [BPN876]

Craig Schindler

Best Poster

Craig SchindlerAdvisor: Kris Pister

Jumping Silicon Microrobots [BPN902]