LWL25: Plastic 3-D W-band Antenna Array


The goal of this project is to make low-cost, low power, and reconfigurable electromagnetic-wave beam-formers for potential W-band applications such as car collision avoidance radar, wireless local network (LAN), and radio links. The beam-forming is realized by phased antenna array. This research project responds to the need for complete system-level integration of RF or millimeter-wave (MMW) systems. We will develop technologies for 3-D structures by industrial plastic molding and electroplating processes with integrated active/passive components and reconfigurable beam-formers. This molding-based architecture enables low-cost manufacturing and integration of 3-D micro electromagnetic-wave components, such as antennas, coaxial transmission lines, waveguides, phase-shifters and tuners, with capability to integrate monolithic IC components to achieve low-cost micro beam-formers.

Project end date: 08/11/09

Mike Fuh
Publication date: 
February 17, 2009
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