LPL40: Digitized Microfluidic Device for Single Cell Analysis


Most of current clinical diagnosis is based on observation and analysis on a large number of cells, which provides averaged or integrated information about the disease state. However, many diseases start from a small number of mutated or unhealthy cells while most other cells remain normal. In order to detect these precursors as early as possible, a high throughput single cell based detection method is required for the analysis of large number of cells from tissue samples. Here we report a microfluidic device where individual cells are encapsulated in nano-liter aqueous compartments separated by non-aqueous (oil) compartments in a fast flowing micro-channel. Subsequent single cell lysis and analysis, including DNA amplification and biochemical assay, can be applied to each cell compartment on the same chip without contamination from other compartments.

Project end date: 09/08/05

Publication date: 
August 30, 2005
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