BPNX1017: 3D Printing of Functional Materials (New Project)


3D printing enables the fabrication of 3D functional materials with complex structures associated to various functionalities. Developing 3D printing resins with different properties promises to fabricate a myriad of complex functional devices with e.g., self-sensing, actuation, and structural elements assembled in a designed 3D layout. In this project, we explore the achievable property space and the material-performance correlation of 3D printing by designing a series of photo-curable resins. We unveil how the functional groups of the resins synergistically impact the nanocatalyst-guided selective deposition and properties of the 3D printed functional architectures, leading to high-quality 3D patterning of electronic materials. The findings offer a wide tunability of the structural properties of the printed functional materials and devices for electronics and other applications.

Project is currently funded by: State & Other Gov't

Publication date: 
February 15, 2024
Publication type: 
BSAC Project Materials (Current)
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