BPN999: Stretchable Sweat Sensor Fabricated by Roll-to-Roll Process (New Project)


We have been developing sweat sensors to analyze physiological and metabolic health information, such as sweat rate, glucose levels, pH, and various electrolytes, from any surface on the body surface where sweat glands are present. However, the stiff sweat sensors developed so far struggle to detect subtle signal changes, especially on soft skin. This is due to a mechanical mismatch between the rigid sweat sensor and the pliable skin, which can lead to motion artifacts and delamination of the patch from skin. Specifically, the stiff sensor cannot easily stretch along with the skin. Instead, the skin interface fails when subjected to strain on the body surface. As a result, there are specific requirements for the on-body application that the electrical connection should remain unaffected by the strain, and microfluidic channels should not be disrupted by the strain.

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August 28, 2023
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