BPN967: Characterization of Quantum Emitters in Silicon Photonics


Telecom-band single-photon emission has recently been reported from a broad diversity of color centers in silicon. These quantum emitters in silicon combine several key properties for scalable quantum communication and photonic quantum computing applications. Their long spin coherence times are suitable for storing quantum states. The use of silicon as a host crystal could enable the adoption of semiconductor manufacturing methods for scalability. Finally, their telecom-band emission is compatible with low-loss quantum communication in fiber networks. These applications require an improved understanding and photonic device integration of silicon color centers. In this project, we will characterize the optical properties of silicon color centers at cryogenic temperatures. We create single color centers in silicon waveguides via ion implantation, and use integrated photonics for efficient photon collection and strong light-matter interactions. These studies could enable the realization of practical quantum communication and computing applications that build on semiconductor manufacturing techniques.

Publication date: 
March 3, 2022
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BSAC Project Materials (Current)
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