BPN935: Low Temperature Deposited Thin Films for p-Type Field Effect Transistors and Circuits


Developing low-temperature grown semiconducting films is critical for the development of flexible, transparent and three-dimensional monolithic integrated electronics, however, low processing temperature typically results in a poor crystallinity and a low mobility. Here, we report the realization of low-temperature fabrication of highly crystalline tellurium films with large grain size (average grain area of ~150 um2) by controlling the crystallization process of thermally evaporated Te films. Tellurium single crystals with a lateral dimensional of 6 um are realized on various substrates including glass and plastic by patterning, deposition and the low-temperature crystallization process. The field-effect transistor based on Te single grain (6-nm-thick) exhibits a superior performance with effective hole mobility of ~100 cm2V-1s-1, on/off ratio of ~105.

Project ended: 08/26/2021

Publication date: 
January 20, 2021
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