BPN886: 2D Carbides as a New Family of Gas Sensing Materials with Wide Working Temperature Range


Some of the 2d and 2d-like carbide exhibit tunable band structure with relatively high conductivity, which provides sensing function for dopants such as gas molecules. 2d-like carbide also has limited phase change induced nanostructure aggregation. With up to 1000K thermal stability, such carbides will be a better fit than other oxide and nitride materials in higher temperature sensing. For certain gases that require combustion sensing, nanostructure 2d-like carbides will be much stable and reliable. 2d-like Molybdenum carbide is three times more sensitive than graphene in response to NO2 and provides much stronger signal to CO2.

Project end date: 08/06/18

Xining Zang
Niravkumar Joshi
Publication date: 
January 29, 2018
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