BPN875: Transfer-Free Synthesis of Graphene on Insulating Substrates


Graphene has become one of the pinnacles of nanomaterials research, touted for its manifold applications and potential as “the next silicon” in electronics. At this time, integrated production of graphene-based devices remains a barrier, requiring a process that is reliable, large-scale, and compatible with conventional fabrication approaches. One common method for graphene synthesis is chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on metal substrates, which requires a transfer step to target materials (e.g., insulating substrates for device applications). However, this extra transfer step often leads to wrinkles, contamination, and breakage that can lead to poor device performance. This project seeks to devise a robust method for growing high-quality, wafer-scale, mono/bi-layer graphene directly on insulating substrates such as SiO2, enabling efficient and coherent incorporation of graphene for next-generation devices.

Project end date: 02/01/19

Leslie L. Chan
Zhongtao Wang
Yuhui Xie
Publication date: 
August 10, 2018
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BSAC Project Materials (Final/Archive)
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