BPN841: Fast-Response Silver Passive Temperature Sensor via Electro-Hydrodynamic (EHD) Printing Method


Electro-Hydrodynamic (EHD) Printing based direct write method has been demonstrated that the efficient fabrication process for the fast-response and super-thin silver (Ag) passive temperature sensor. For the direct write Ag passive temperature sensor, biological polymer was applied for efficient Ag nanostructure formation, and the EHD Printer directly eject and deposit this Ag precursor ink on the substrate. During annealing process this Ag passive sensor rapidly produce the 2D nanoparticles from the air/water interface and directly sintered to Ag thin film patterns in 200oC. This direct write silver passive temperature sensor would be applicable in several applications such as displays, sensors, solar cells and several other electronic devices.

Project end date: 08/25/16

Publication date: 
August 23, 2016
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