BPN776: Wearable Electronic Tape


We demonstrate a high-performance wearable piezoelectric electronic-tape (E-tape) for motion sensing based on a carbon nanotube (CNT)/silver nanoparticle (AgNP) composite encased in PDMS and VHB flexible thin films. E-tape sensors directly attached to human skin exhibit fast and accurate electric response to bending and stretching movements which induce change in conductivity with high sensitivity. Furthermore, E-tape sensors for a wide range of applications can be realized by the combination of controlling the concentration of AgNPs in the CNT network and designing appropriate device architectures. The reliability and scalability of E- tape sensors combined with compatibility with conventional micro-fabrication open up new routes for integration of nanoelectronics into flexible human interfaces at the system level.

Project end date: 08/26/15

Publication date: 
February 3, 2015
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