BPN768: Plug-Through Energy Monitor for Wall Outlet Electrical Devices


This project focuses on the development of a Plug-Through Energy Monitor (PTEM) for electrical devices connected to wall outlets. Using a non-intrusive inductive current sensing technique, the load current can be measured without requiring a series sensing element that breaks the circuit. This enables slim profile sensing hardware, and eliminates the power dissipated across series elements as in traditional current measurement techniques. This work aims to design a PCB-based solution that measures load current & line voltage, accurately calculates real power dissipated by a plug load, and reports its information using 802.15.4 wireless technology. Careful system-level optimization is required to minimize component costs, mitigate unwanted 60 Hz noise coupling, and maintain a small PCB footprint. We hope a low-cost device such as this will enable the widespread adoption of electrical energy metering in building wall outlets.

Project end date: 06/09/15

Michael C. Lorek
Publication date: 
March 13, 2015
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