BPN750: Multi-Gas Detecting Chemical Sensor Platform


Chemical sensitive field effect transistors (CS-FET), which are conventional MOSFETs without gate electrodes will be fabricated and applied for low energy consumption, highly sensitive, small size, multi-gas detecting chemical sensors. The work functions of transition metal oxides (TMOs) deposited onto the channels of the CS-FETs can be manipulated by the adsorption of chemicals onto their surfaces. These changes cause a change in the surface potential of the underlying Si channel, leading to the current modulation of the devices. By selecting appropriate TMOs, different chemicals will produce different output signals. External signal processing of these signals will enable multi-gas detection. Highly sensitive chemical detection at room temperature has already achieved by using CS-FET devices with some TMOs. Our CS-FET platform will be applicable for any kind of chemicals just by changing the choice of TMO.

Project end date: 02/17/14

Hiroshi Shiraki
Publication date: 
February 5, 2014
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