BPN747: Electronic Skin: Fully Printed Electronic Sensor Networks


Large area networks of sensors which are flexible and can be laminated conformally on nonplanar surfaces can enable many different applications in areas such as prosthetics, display technology, and remote stimuli monitoring. For large area applications, printed electronics are favorable over traditional photolithography and shadow mask technology from a cost and throughput point of view and we demonstrate proof-of-concept for such a printed “electronic skin” system by printing a carbon nanotube based thin film transistor (TFT) active matrix backplane using a reverse roll to plate gravure printing design. This design allows for yields of up to 97% with printing conducted in an ambient environment and mobilities of up to 9 cm2/V⋅s, the highest reported for a fully printed TFT. Various materials are explored for the integration of sensors within this fully printed process scheme for multifunctional electronic skin.

Project end date: 01/30/17

Publication date: 
August 17, 2016
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