BPN698: Multifunctional Electronic Skin


Flexible sensor networks have promising applications in fields such as touch sensors for touch sensitive prosthetics and wearable medical diagnosis devices. In this project, we aim to fabricate a multifunctional “e-skin” capable of detecting multiple forms of stimuli including light and pressure, so as to be able to mimic the human skin and beyond. Polyimide is spun onto a silicon wafer upon which traditional CMOS technology is used to fabricate flexible thin film transistors based on solution deposited carbon nanotube networks. Various types of sensors are then integrated to create a 16×16 sensor network array. After fabrication, the e-skin can be easily delaminated from the silicon wafer and both pressure and light can then be mapped out by attaching the flexible e-skin to a readout board via a flexible PCB board.

Project end date: 08/13/14

Publication date: 
February 3, 2014
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