BPN686: Spatially Controlled Growth of III-V Semiconductors Toward Low-Cost and High-Efficiency PVs


So far, extensive research has been carried out for III-V semiconductor materials from crystal growth to device fabrications. The reason for this is that III-V shows the highest energy conversion efficiency due to high absorption coefficient and optimal and direct band gap. However, there is problem for III-V applications, which is the high cost of raw materials. We are exploring a method which addresses this limitation. High optical quality crystals have been grown on selected tiny areas to make array of crystals such as on metal foils. This should be useful as a PV without any loss by shut pass or surface recombinations. This method would be useful for making high-quality and cost-effective method for III-V PVs.

Project end date: 02/01/14

Publication date: 
August 15, 2013
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