BPN601: Strain Engineering of Epitaxially Transferred, Ultrathin Layers of III-V Semiconductor on Insulator


Strain state of ultrathin InAs-on-insulator layers obtained from an epitaxial transfer process is studied. The as-grown InAs epilayer (10¨C20 nm thick) on the GaSb/AlGaSb source wafer has the expected ~0.62% tensile strain. The strain is found to fully release during the epitaxial transfer of the InAs layer onto a Si/SiO2 substrate. In order to engineer the strain of the transferred InAs layers, a ZrOx cap was used during the transfer process to effectively preserve the strain. The work presents an important advance toward the control of materials properties of III-V on insulator layers.

Project end date: 02/03/11

Morten Madsen
Ha Sul Kim
Publication date: 
February 1, 2011
Publication type: 
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