BPN482: Micro-Digital Particle Image Velocimetry Using LED Illumination


Micron-resolution particle image velocimetry systems that measure flow-fields in micron-scale fluid devices have been used for almost 10 years at BSAC and other institutions, but are plagued with high capital costs and their cumbersome operating requirements. This work envisions creating a µ DPIV system that is considerably smaller, cheaper, easier to use and less hazardous. The proposed µ DPIV system achieves these goals through replacing the dual cavity Nd:YAG laser with a high power LED. In addition to the above benefits, a LED based µ DPIV system has advantages of adaptability to different fluorescent dyes, freely adjustable pulse length and repetition rate and low energy consumption. The LED based µ-DPIV system is evaluated in both the epifluorescent and bright-field configurations.

Project end date: 07/27/10

Bakhshinder Nijjar
Varun Boriah
Publication date: 
March 19, 2010
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