BPN474: Micro CVD for Nanostructure Synthesis


This project intends to miniaturize the conventional chemical vapor deposition (CVD) system into the micrometers range in dimension. It is believed that Micro-CVD provides better control on the gas flow, gas temperature and gas species in some aspects. This may result in the sythesis of unique nanostructures with new properties. Based on the idea, a prototype micro machined silicon structure is fabricated in the Microlab and is used to synthesize carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene. The CNTs can directly be grown on varies of substrate including paper and plastic, and they are of good quality, single-walled and over 300 mirons long. The synthesized graphene also achieved better uniformity than traditional methods.

Project end date: 02/01/12

Qin Zhou
Publication date: 
August 18, 2011
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