BPN363: MEMS Biopolymer: RF-Interrogated Biosensor MIB:Hydrogel Formulation


The goal of this research project is to make hydrogels fully compatible with microfabrication processes. Hydrogels are polymers whose matrix swell when in contact with water. Our hydrogels will be able to change reversibly and reproducibly their volume by swelling or contracting in response to their environmental changes. In order to achieve this project, we will alter viscosity of the hydrogel solution to make it easier to spin coat, conduct a design of experiment to optimize hydrogel patterning, characterize hydrogel swelling and functionalize hydrogels to respond to different stimuli (like temperature, glucose, and pH). The hydrogel will be used as a transducer in the MEMS Biopolymer: RF-Interrogated Biosensor (MIB).

Project end date: 07/30/08

Publication date: 
February 18, 2008
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