BPN348: Subterranean Wireless Sensor Network


Our long term goal is to prototype and evaluate a reliable, self-healing wireless mesh sensor network for use in mines, caves, and underground storage facilities. Its primary application will be to monitor the physical environment, such as temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, as well as detection of potentially hazardous gases such as carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), and methane (CH4). We will evaluate the feasibility of using real-time wireless sensor networks to monitor operating environments and to provide hazard identification and warning. An important aspect of the project will be to evaluate the self-healing aspects of the network, in terms of its ability to remain functional following significant disruption, as may occur in a major accident such as a cave-in or explosion.

Project end date: 01/23/07

David Doolin
Valerie Zimmer
Michelle Ma
Publication date: 
August 23, 2006
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