BPN342: Cell trapping array for cell-cell communication research


Intercellular communication between contact neighboring cells can cause change in morphology, gene expression and cell growth. Incomplete cell-cell communication is correlated with most forms of cancer. Many research efforts have been made to disclosure the molecular process through cell contact for regulating oncogenesis, but the answer is still poorly known. The technologies which can manipulate the time and location of the cell-contact are the exigencies in the field. Here we design a microfluidic device to trap specific number of cells in the array. For example, in two-cell trap array, each cell in membrane contact with only other single cell. Transfer kinetics between two single cells can be well investigated by simultaneous optical observation. For the traps which can accommodate more cells (3~15) in specific arrangement enable the research in more complicated cell contact systems.

Project end date: 08/25/06

Liz Yir-shyuan Wu
Publication date: 
February 6, 2006
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