BPN307: CMOS Integrated Nanowires/Nanotubes (CMOS-Inn)


The goal of this project is to develop technologies for hierarchical assembly of nano structures (silicon nanowires (SNWs) and carbon nanotubes (CNTs)) with built-in CMOS interface circuits by utilizing localized and selective IC-compatible synthesis, for a fully integrated nano-sensing system. Ultimately, both the nano-sensor element and the signal processing circuits should be fabricated on the same device substrate. The SNWs/CNTs will be synthesized afterwards locally and selectively using MEMS resistive heaters. In order to develop the integration process, we plan to use the 0.35 microns CMOS standard testing process that has been running continuously in our microfabrication lab at UC-Berkeley as the foundation for microelectronics. The SNW/CNT with on-chip ICs could have many potential applications, such as physical (including temperature, pressure, and gas detectors), biological and chemical sensors, as well as nano electronics. The long-term objective of this project is to investigate MEMS/NEMS interfacial contact physics and impact to electrical/mechanical properties of system.

Project end date: 07/30/08

Publication date: 
January 25, 2008
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