APP84: Microfluidic System for Cryogenically Storing and Reviving Biological Cells


The project goal is the design, fabrication, and testing of the structural component in the cell-based environmental monitoring sensor. The structure will consist of a microfabricated array of cell wells as well as multi-level microfluidic manifolds to carry the necessary fluids to these wells. While the cells are being stored, liquid nitrogen would flow through channels around the wells and bring the cells to cryogenic temperatures. At room temperature, the functioning cells would be supplied with food and have their waste removed through two separate fluid lines under the wells. The fluids in these lines would be driven into and out of the wells using pressure driven flow across a porous silicon membrane, which will prevent the cells from leaving the well. The eventual goal of this device is for individual wells to be thawed for study while all other wells remain frozen.

Project end date: 08/26/05

Natalya Etina
Publication date: 
February 1, 2005
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