BSAC's Best: Fall 2023 Awards Announced

September 29, 2023

BSAC would like to thank all of the researchers who presented their research during BSAC's Fall 2023 Research Review on September 27th.

BSAC Industrial Members voted for the outstanding paper and presentations and the results are in. Please join BSAC in congratulating the recipients of the Fall 2023 Best of BSAC honors, Kamyar Behrouzi and Qiutong Jin!

Kamyar Behrouzi, Liwei Lin Lab, Fall 2023 BSAC Best

Outstanding Presenter

Kamyar Behrouzi | Advisor: Prof. Liwei Lin

Coffee Ring Plasmonic Biosensing [BPN955]

Qiutong Jin, Nguyen Lab, Fall 2023 BSAC Best

Outstanding Presenter

Qiutong Jin| Advisor: Prof. Clark T.-C. Nguyen

Push-Pull Resoswitch Receiver [BPN828]